May 03, 2005

Writers Block?

The last post was the first one that I had written in a couple of months. For a while I have found it difficult to write. I had plenty of ideas but no motivation to use them, I would sit at the computer wanting to write something and just not know how to put it into words. Or I'd go surfing somewhere else, "I'll start when I've just done this email". Sometimes I would write the beginning of a story and then stop and delete the whole thing, then shut the window in disgust.

I've mentioned before that I have a Livejournal and I've still been posting there, it's just the fiction I like to post over here that has stopped. I've still missed it though. I found a Livejournal community, "Cues" which gives a line or an idea every week and then people post their work based on that weeks theme. The previous entry here was done for that and posted there also, the cue was "A place nobody goes anymore". I'll be using more ideas from there, the next 2 will be "Another sunset can't save you now" and "The King of May" which I'll also post here.

It's nice to be writing again, I might not do the cue every week, but I hope it will help me get back into the habit of it and help me to start writing things on my own again. They will be as posted to LJ, so first drafts in a time limit, still should be fun.


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