February 05, 2005

A Rather Nice Surprise

At the end of my first year of University, I rather foolishly made the comment
"Oh I've always wanted a tattoo" after seeing a friends. This invariably results in being dragged off down to a tattoo parlour to look at some potential designs. While I didn't see anything I liked, I did come up with an idea. I wanted a dragon, but I thought that it could be disguised as a Rose. The petals would be flames coming from the dragon’s mouth, and the leaves would be the dragons wings, with his body and tail winding down into the stalk.

Claire was something of an artist, and drew out a picture of how she visualised my idea, and it was fantastic. I ummed and erred a little more, before she threatened that if I didn't get it, she would. So I made an appointment and she came with me to hold my hand. It was done in 2 sessions, and while the first didn't hurt too much, more tickled, the second was the most painful experience I had ever had. It was the end of term, and I was going home, so they fitted me in after it had healed, but whilst it was still a little tender. At one point I ran off to the loo, and when I emerged a glove covered in green ink was put up next to my face, and everyone agreed how the colour was almost the same. I was perhaps a little greener.

I've had it for six years now, it's on my lower left back so I don't see it much. I realised that I can't even remember exactly what it looks like, so I asked a friend to take a photo of it for me. It came out well, so I decided to post it on the web. I thought it would be a good idea to link to the place where I got it done, if they had a website. So a quick Google later, and I had found a page for Spacey's Bizarre Ink. I had a quick look around whilst I was there, and in the pictorials section of the gallery is the photograph that they took just after it was finished.

I have to say, I was really rather chuffed about this. They have won many awards over the years and are a very successful parlour - they just moved to bigger and nicer premises last year, so to have my tattoo chosen to go with their best work on the website is really fantastic. It's definitely worth going to have a peek, as some of the work is really amazing, and the cover-ups are quite amusing. Here is the photo that was taken for me yesterday, slightly different from the one over on the other website, but you can tell it's me - the freckles are all in the same places!

A more recent photograph Posted by Hello


Blogger razorhead said...

ahhh, the whole friend/tattoo/mouth collision. When that expressed itself in me, I ended up with about 30% of my torso inked.

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