January 16, 2005


...To my shiny new blog!
Here i will be posting random scribbles, hopefully some of which will amuse you or provoke you to think. So to start us off, I'll introduce myself (after all, that's only polite).

Mostly, I do archery. Which may seem like a strange sentence, but is surprisingly true. After all, I shoot almost everyday, I spend all my spare cash on new equipment, and at the weekends, I jet off around the country in search of competitions and new people to beat. Well, try to beat anyway, I'm still working on the whole "being any good" part of the sport.

When I'm not playing with dangerous weapons, I'm likely to be attempting to research non-commutative algebra, or maths to those not in the know.

This blog won't be about maths or archery. They might get mentioned, as they are both substantial parts of my life, but mostly it will just be me talking about subjects that interest or amuse me, and telling stories that all my friends have already heard.

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