January 18, 2005


The last few days have been tedious. I've mostly sat in front of a computer or been reading, with the exception of a trip to Makro with Tim yesterday. So today I decided to be a bit more productive, and put away the permanent washing. I always have a rack of washing in my room, which gets left until I need the rack to dry the latest load of washing, and then dry things get replaced with wet things. Normally, I'm just to lazy to put it all away.

Today I discovered something that, because of the permanent washing habit, I hadn't realised before. I have more underwear than will fit into my underwear drawer. And it's all still in good condition, so I have no old and torn garments that live at the back taking up room. I think I know why, it's new boyfriend syndrome running amok!

I'll explain. Whenever I have a new boyfriend, I go out and buy a few choice garments, something pretty normally, and throw away any old garments that are really past it. This generally happens maybe a couple of times in the first few months, or maybe one big shop, but I don't really feel the urge to do it again after the initial sparkle has worn off.

This is where the problem lies. We're up to six months now, and the sparkle is still sparkling. That's four months longer than normal that I've been buying new underwear. It's not a big problem really, other than space-wise, as I'm not spending a lot of money, and some of the things I have really needed. But there have been several times when I've spotted something pretty going really cheap and thought "Oooo, Tom would like that" and picked it up.

Of course the arrival of Christmas socks has accentuated the matter somewhat, I got 3 double packs from Mum this year. (All very comfy too, and some really quite apt). And now I'd like to point out that when I say Tom would like that, I mean like it on me, not like it for himself. Which would perhaps be a good point to end on.

The real reason for this post? I just wanted an excuse to say Knickers.


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