January 23, 2005

The Big Blue Chair

Not so long ago, one of my old school friends moved away from home to join the RAF. She was going to be living in barracks, and so knew she wouldn't have a lot of room, but she'd built up quite a collection of stuff over the years. Knowing that my Mum had connections with a local charity shop, she left a lot of her surplass possesions with her, to take in sometime. One of these items was a large folding blue canvas chair, one of a pair, the other of which she decided to take with her.

I came to visit my parents shortly after, and asked about the rather nice new folding chair they seem to have aquired, but were not using. I decided that as best friend of the previous owner, I had rights on her unwanted things that were above and beyond those of any charity shop. So I swiped it.

She came to visit me at my own house, and I got the chair out for her to sit on, saying it was new. She praised it's comfyness, and commented on how she has one in her room just like it. She also mentioned how she had 2, but threw one away. Of course, if she had known I wanted one I could have had hers, after all it was at my parents. It didn't take her long after that to twig.


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