January 18, 2005

6 People and 4 Bows in a Small Blue Car

Last night was the first Archery Club practice of the new term, so it was succeeded by the first Archery Club trip to the pub of the new term. Our favourite pub is only a short walk up the road from the sports centre, but the keyword here is up. It's very up, as in "get half way there, and start walking backwards" up. And then if you add heavy bowcases, well.

One of the members lives the other side of town to the sports centre, so he drives to practice, and then takes his car to the pub afterwards. Normally he takes a couple of people, and the rest of us walk, but then normally only I have a bowcase, and I don't mind the walk. This time it was different, there were 3 people with large bowcases for take-down bows, one longbow, and 2 others. Some people had been shopping over Christmas...

I didn't want to walk, as I was a bit tired. I also had a new bow for Christmas, and it's heavier than the last one. After a bit of barganning and negotiating, we decided that we could fit everyone and everything into the car. Which is a Seat Ibiza. (For people who know as much about cars as me, that means small. It's also blue).

Room for one more? Posted by Hello

After a little reorgansing of the fairly crowded boot, we manged to fit the 3 large cases in there. I'm still not sure how. Then me and 2 others bundled into the back seat along with the longbow and several bags from the boot. This left 2 people for the passenger seat.

Louise got in first, expecting Pete to sit on top of her, but he didn't seem to get this part of the plan. Instead he squeezed in beside her, which pushed her over on top of the handbrake. The driver could use the gear stick OK, but when we got to a rather nasty uphill junction, and he couldn't use the handbrake, the cursing started. Some nifty footwork later, and we trundled up the final part of the hill.

We got there in the end, but you'd think we'd have learned our lesson. No, not us. The conversation in the pub started off with a discussion of how we could fit another person and bow in the car with us. We have planned who would sit where based on this most recent trip, and come to the conclusion that one person would have to lie on the back seat on top of 3 others, with a bow case on top of them.

Next time, I think I might just walk.


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